Thursday, September 29, 2011

Pink, red & Smoked Purple

Tykkään käyttää todella paljon punaisia ja pinkkejä luomivärejä, kuten olette ehkä huomanneet, joten tässä pari kuvaa. Minulle on edelleen hakusessa täydellinen, metallinen punainen luomiväri. Hyviä mattapunaisia minulta löytyy, mutta kokoelmasta puuttuu sellainen metallinen, hieman tummempi punainen, joka ei ole kupariin taittava eikä liian viininpunainen (tehtävä mahdoton? Mutta jos jollain on ehdotuksia, niin otan ilolla vastaan.).
I like red/pink eye make up as you might have noticed. And here're couple of looks. I'm still trying to find a perfect, metallic red eye shadow. I have so many great red mattes, but I want a metallic/shimmery darkish red, which is not coppery or too burgundy. (This may turn out to be mission impossible, but if anyone has suggestions, I'd be happy to know.)
I used Manly palette for this look (here's about 5 different reds and hint of black in the crease). That palette almost has a perfect red, but it's a bit too coppery. :( 
 I used Manly palette here as well. I wear lighter pinks quite rarely. They look pretty lovely, though. :)

And here as a bonus this day's look. I finally got to wear Mac's Smoked Purple lipstick and it's awesome. So perfect for fall. (It's a bit tricky to apply evenly, though.) 

Monday, September 26, 2011

Vampy photoshoot (sneak peek)

Päivitysväli on hieman venynyt, koska olin viikonloppuna auttamassa kuvauksissa. Tällä kertaa meikkaajana. Jännitti etukäteen aikalailla. En ole kovinkaan montaa kertaa meikannut muita kuin itseäni, enkä ollut tavannut malleja etukäteen. Onneksi huoleni oli turha: meikkaaminen sujui hyvin ja pysyin aikataulussa.
Long time no post. I was away last weekend 'cause I was helping with a photoshoot. This time I did the make up. I was so nervous beforehand. I haven't really put make up on anyone else than myself and I hadn't met the models before that morning. But everything went really well and I stayed on schedule. 

Lovely models: Henna & Mimosa

Kuvausten yleisilmeen voisi ehkä tiivistää muutamalla adjektiivilla: sensuelli, naisellinen ja hieman kohtalokas. Käytin silmämeikissä tummia, murrettuja vihreitä, koska kummallakin mallilla on ihastuttavan punertavat hiukset. Huulimeikki oli myös melko tumma ja pääsin heti käyttämään saamaani uutta Kiko-huulipunaa. :) Tämä oli myös ensimmäinen kerta, kun laitoin jollekin toiselle tekoripsiä (se oli melkein helpompaa kuin itselleen laittaminen). Kampaukset teki Hiushuone Cera:n Carita.  
The overall look/feel of the photoshoot could be described as sensual, feminine and a bit vampy. I used dark, muted greens in the eyemake because both models have lovely red hair. Lips were also quite dark and I got to use my new Kiko lipstick. :) This was also the first time I put false eye lashes on someone else (and it was almost easier than out them on yourself). Hair was done by Carita from Hiushuone Cera.  

 Henna (in harsh light)

En muistanut/ehtinyt ottamaan kuvia tarpeeksi. Mutta tässä tällaista pientä esimakua. Toivottavasti lopulliset kuvat tulevat pian. Kokemus oli etukäteen hieman stressaava, mutta olin todella tyytyväinen lopputulokseen ja ensi kerralla olo on varmasti hieman rennompi. :) Mallit olivat ihania ja kuvauspaikka todella hieno ja persoonallinen. 
I forgot/didn't have time to take enough pictures, but I guess you get some sort of idea. I hope the finished pictures are ready soon. This experience was a bit stressful beforehand, but I'm really happy with the result and next time will be easier. :) The models were really lovely and the shooting location was gorgeous.   

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

TV Geek, Part 3: Supernatural (2005 -)

"Saving people, hunting things. Family business."
(In English only.) If I made a top 10 of my favorite TV shows, this would be number 1. I like pretty much everything about 'Supernatural', the writing, the actors, the music... Although I remember when it started I thought it would be yet another stupid teen-horror-show. I'm so glad I was wrong. Season 7 is about to start 23th of September, so it's time to talk about this show. (We've only had 4 seasons so far in Finland, so I'll try to keep this post spoiler free from season 4->.) Oh boy, this is going to be hard...

I'm pretty sure many of you know this show and probably something about its plot. It started with two brothers on the road, hunting scary things and looking for their father. Well, I don't even have to say that it's so much more than that. Sam (Jared Padalecki) and Dean Winchester (Jensen Ackles) have fought demons, ghouls, vampires, werewolves, witches, giant teddy bears, ghosts, you name it. The show mixes horror, drama, comedy and mystery so well. I've laughed, cried, been scared... I'd like to write dozens of funny quotes from the show and post dozens of pictures from the episodes. But I guess you need to see it for yourself to get how awesome this show is.
Sam, Dean & ´67 Chevy Impala from '4x01 Lazarus Rising'   
We've come a long way since season 1. Most dramatic plot line (in my opinion) has been Dean's deal with a demon where he sold his soul and got one year to live to keep Sam alive. It really kicked things in motion. The show was quite daring and Dean actually went to Hell when his time was up. Which gave us a new major plot line and in the first episode of season 4 we meet yet another supernatural being, angel Castiel. It's no surprise that angels are not exactly what you would expect.
 Castiel (Misha Collins), an angel of the Lord (or 'Holy Tax Accountant' according to Dean).
"I'm the one who gripped you tight and raised you from perdition."

The show has a lot of wonderful characters, but quite too often they end up dead. Supernatural starts be famous for killing everyone who visits the show. Their uncle Bobby Singer (Jim Beaver) is one of the rare survivors and life saving father figure to the boys. And family is what keeps the boys fighting. And of course their car '67 Chevy Impala gets honorable mention. The car is basically their home and it turns out to be more important than anyone would've thought of. She's Dean's baby and she truly is gorgeous. 
 Dean's baby...

     "Hi. Glad to meet you. Bobby Singer, paranoid bastard."

It's so hard to write about something you really love. I could get all fangirly and rant about little details that very few even notices (like how Impala gradually gets dirtier when Dean is distressed or how the color green is used in the background when the boys are in danger). I could rant how pretty the boys are (yes, I watch it for the plot!!) or how funny, fantastic and surreal actor Misha Collins is in real life (for example, he ran 80 km in one day for charity and his Twitter is just crazy).

Boys in black & white, from '4x05 Monster Movie'. 
Are there other Supernatural fans there? Your favorite episode(s)? (I have so many, but here's one from every season: '1x01 The Pilot', '2x15 Tall Tales', '3x08 Very Supernatural Christmas', '4x01 Lazarus Rising', '5x16 Dark Side Of The Moon' & '6x04 Weekend At Bobby's'). 
Do you have other TV shows you love? 

"Driver picks the music. Shotgun shuts his cakehole." 

 from Tumblr

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Fantastical Violets

Jälleen hiljainen sunnuntai, jolloin on mahdollisuus leikkiä meikeillä. :) Tällä kertaa vuorossa violettia.
Once again I had a quiet Sunday, so I had the opportunity to play with make up. :) This time with purple.

 Used lots of random stuff on this:
- primer/base: MAC paint pot Blackground
 - eyeshadows: MAC pigments: Violet & Grape, Fyrinnae: Freya, Pure Luxe: Pink Opal (and probably something else too)
- false eye lashes: Grimas
- lips: Morgana Cryptoria: Otherwordly 

 Bad picture, but you can see that the falsies flash green on the upper side. 

Tämä meikki näyttää paremmalta kaukaa kuin läheltä katsottuna. Kokeilin tätä myös sen takia, että ensi viikolla olen mahdollisesti menossa kuvattavaksi (säiden salliessa) ja halusin hieman kokeilla tätä ideaa.
This make up looks better when looked farther away. I tried this look also because I may have a photoshoot coming next week and I wanted to try out this make up.  

Friday, September 16, 2011

KIKO Makeup Milano: eye shadows and lipstick

Pääsin ensimmäistä kertaa kokeilemaan KIKO-merkkisiä meikkejä, kun ystäväni kävi matkailemassa Italiassa ja toi mukanaan pari ihanaa tuliaista. Olen kuullut tästä merkistä aiemminkin, mutta en ole livenä päässyt kokeilemaan tuotteita. Tässä muutamia mietteitä ja swatchit kahdesta luomiväristä ja huulipunasta.
I finally got to try KIKO make up after my dear friend visited Italy and was wonderful enough to bring me some gifts. I've heard about this brand before, but I haven't been to a store which sells it. Here are my few thoughts and swatches of two eye shadows and a lipstick.
- Colour Sphere Eye Shadow 26 (Avio Multicolor) & 27 (Verde Cobalto Perlato)
- Smart Lipstick 88 (Rosso Bruciato)

 Swatches: 27, 26 & lipstick 88
Picture is off-focus to show the glitter better.  

Olen ehtinyt testaamaan silmissä vasta tuota mustanvihreää (27) luomiväriä. Se on aivan ihana! Colour Sphere luomivärit ovat niin sanottuja 'baked' luomivärejä, joita voi käyttää kuivana tai kosteana. Swatchit on tehty kuivana ja näissä on tosi kivasti pigmenttiä. Haluan vielä kokeilla näitä tahmean pohjustajan kanssa. 
I've only had time to test out the blackened green (27) eyeshadow. It's lovely! Colour Spheres are baked eye shadows that can be used dry or wet. I made the swatches dry and these are really nicely pigmented. I want to try them over a sticky base to make the glitter pop. 
 (eye shadows used: Inglot Matte351 & Kiko Colour Sphere 27)

Smart Lipstick 88 (I have no idea why it's called 'smart'...)

Huulipunaa olen ehtinyt kokeilla vain nopeasti, mutta väri on aivan ihana, tumma, metallinen punainen. Levittyy helposti ja on hyvin pigmenttinen. Tuoksu on hieman vahamainen, mutta ei paha. Täydellinen syksyväri. 
I've only tried this lipstick quickly for the swatch, but the color is beautiful, dark, metallic red. It applies nicely and is very pigmented. It smells a bit waxy, it's not too bad. Perfect color for autumn.   

Kaiken kaikkiaan nämä olivat iloinen yllätys. Varsinkin nuo luomivärit ovat ihania. 
All in all, these are really nice. Especially the eye shadows.  

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Teal Glitter

Tällaiset silmämeikit ovat ehdottomia suosikkejani. Glitteriä haluaisin käyttää huomattavasti useammin meikeissä, mutta arkena se tuntuu vähän liian näyttävältä.
I love doing these kind of looks. I'd like to use glitter much more often, but it feels a bit over the top on weekdays. 

- primer: UDPP
- eye shadows: Inglot: M351 (ivory), M340 (dark teal), M338 (bright, darkened teal), Aromaleigh: Disintegration (rocks! glam glitter), Fyrinnae: Baby Beluga
 - eye liner: Rimmel Exaggerate, black, GOSH Long Lastin Eye Liner Pen 002 Turquoise, Isadora: Inliner Kajal, Blonde
- false eye lashes: Marlliss 160 
(slightly off focus to show the glitter)
On lips I have Morgana Cryptoria's 'Enchanted Sapphire' and MAC's Dazzle lipstick 'Hellraiser' .

En ikinä onnistu tallentamaan tuota glitterin kimalletta valokuviin, mutta ehkä nämä antavat jonkinlaista kuvaa. Glitterin alla käytin Fyrinnaen Pixie Epoxya. Se pitää kimalteen paikoillaan koko illan. Ja nyt tekisi mieli tilata jostain lisää erivärisiä glittereitä, joita voi käyttää silmämeikeissä.
It's always damn near impossible to get good pictures of glitter eye make up. But I hope these'll give you the idea. I used Fyrinnae's Pixie Epoxy under the glitter. I'd really like to order more glitters which can be used in eye make up.    

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Purple Rose and New Hair

Tämän päivän silmämeikki. Syksyä ilmassa.
Today's eye make up. Autumn colors.

- primer/base: UDPP and Fyrinnae Pixie Epoxy
- eye shadows: L'Oreal Golden Beige, MAC pigments: Rose, Grape, Violet & Vanilla
- eye liner: Rimmel Exaggerate eye liner
- mascara: L'Oreal Million Lashes wp

Sitten kävin kampaajalla. Minulla on ollut periaatteessa aina pitkät hiukset, mutta minulta on lähtenyt niin paljon hiuksia, että halusin jotain lyhempää. Menin kampaajalle (Rock'n Style Turussa), mutta en tiennyt mitä haluan. Onneksi kampaajalla oli heti näkemys ja päätin luottaa siihen. :) Nyt totuttelen elämään "lyhyt" hiuksisena. 
I went to a hair dresser earlier today. I've had long hair practically all my life, but now I've been suffering from hair loss and I wanted something shorter. I didn't have any idea what I want. Fortunately my hair dresses had a vision and I trusted him. :) Now I'm trying to get used to my "short" hair.

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Illamasqua Inspiration - Black & Gold

Olen pitkään halunnut kokeilla Illamasquan sivuilta ja blogista löytyviä lookeja, mutta ne ovat yleensä turhan teatraalisia esim. baari-iltoja varten. Nyt päätin hiljaisen sunnuntain kunniaksi kokeilla musta-kultaista meikkiä.
I've wanted to try some looks from Illamasqua site and blog for a long time, but they are overly dramatic even for night outs. But today I didn't have to go anywhere, so I tried one black/gold look. 

- primer: MAC Blackground paint pot
- eye shadows: Inglot AMC65 (glittery black), MAC Deep Blue Green pigment, Sugarpill Goldilux
- Grimas false eye lashes no 320 (they look wicked!)

(Sorry, the pictures are quite dark. :( But this is what it would look like in a club.) 

Here's the picture where I got my inspiration:
Illamasqua on viehättänyt minua merkkinä jo pari vuotta, mutta yhtään tuotetta en heiltä vielä omista. Heiltä on tullut jälleen uusi kokoelma: 'Theatre of the Nameless' (aivan ihana nimi), joten voi olla, että vihdoin sorrun. Ja myöhemmin on tulossa lisää minun versioitani promomeikeistä. :)
Illamasqua has fascinated me for a couple of years now, but I don't own any products from them. Their latest collection 'Theatre of the Nameless' (love that name) just came out, so I may finally end up ordering. And I'll be doing more looks based on their promo pictures. :)

Sitten vielä parempi kuva MACin 'Runaway Red' huulipunasta. Kesto huulilla on ihan mahtava ja tuo väri oikein hehkuu. <3
And then a better picture of MAC's 'Runaway Red' lipstick. Its staying power is amazing and the color almost glows. <3 

Saturday, September 3, 2011

MAC Me over - Lipsticks: Runaway Red & Smoked Purple

MAC julkaisi 1.9. jälleen uuden kokoelman nimeltään 'Mac Me Over', joka on kooltaan melko valtava. Sävymaailma on vaaleiden neutraalien ja dramaattisten tummien välillä. Itseäni tietysti miellyttää nuo tummat sävyt. Mukaan lähti kaksi huulipunaa: Runaway Red ja pienen mietinnän jälkeen Smoked Purple.
MAC has released a huge fall collection 'Mac Me Over'. The shades range from light neutrals to dark, vampy colors. I'm loving the deep autumn shades. I bought two lipsticks: Runaway Red and Smoked Purple.

Runaway Red (LE) & Smoked Purple (permanent at PRO stores)
Swatches: Runaway Red & Smoked Purple
This pictures doesn't do any justice for this lipstick. 'Runaway Red' is satin lipstick and it's one of the most beautiful reds I've worn. <3 It glides on easily, is opaque and shouldn't feather if I use a lipliner. This one looks so much darker in the tube than on lips. 

Once again, not a good picture. :/ Here's 'Smoked Purple', which is matte lipstick. I wanted a a bit muddy looking purple based lipstick for this fall. Something really vampy. This doesn't feel dry, but is a bit hard to apply evenly on the lips.

 And here's Smoked Purple with Lancome's Color Fever Gloss in 'Piha Black' . Works really nicely.

Yhden huulipunan haluaisin vielä tästä kokoelmasta, jos olisi varaa: 'Oh, Oh, Oh' (on taas nimi...). Se näyttää tuubissa rusehtavan pronssiselta, mutta levitettynä se on läpikuultava luumuisen pinkki kultaisella hohteella. Olisi ihan täydellinen arkipuna.
I'd like to buy one more lipstick from this collection, if I could afford it: 'Oh, Oh, Oh' (I don't always get the names). It looks weird on the tube, brownish/coppery color, but when applied it's semi-opaque, pinkish plum with golden sheen. So pretty and perfect for every day use.  

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Smoky Eyes - Green, Plum, Grey and Burgundy

Syksy tulee ja tummat meikit alkavat tuntua taas kotoisalta. Tein muutamana päivänä eri sävyisiä smoky-meikkejä.
Fall is finally here and I've been wearing darker eye shadows. Here are a couple of smoky eye make ups. 
 Smoky Green
eyeshadows used: Inglot M340 (dark teal), P414 (dark green), Urban Decay: Flipside

Smoky Plum 
eye shadows used: Wet 'n Wild Lust palette, Inglot AMCshine 40

Smoky Grey 
eye shadows used: Inglot P451 (dark grey), M376 (mid tone grey), P448 (silver)

Smoky Burgundy 
eye shadows used: Urban Decay: Last Call & Oil Slick, Inglot AMC 74 (burgundy)

Eivät nämä ehkä ole ihan oppikirjaesimerkkejä smoky -meikistä, mutta itse tykkään tehdä ne näin. :) Esim. ylärajaukseen en juuri koskaan käytä kynää vaan nestemäistä rajausta. Myöskään sisäluomelle en arkena viitsi tehdä rajausta. Se saa meikin näyttämään aika kovalta ja pienentää silmiäni entisestään. Mutta tykkään kyllä sisärajauksesta esim. baarimeikeissä. 
I guess this is not exactly how one does 'smoky eyes', but this the way I like it. :) I use almost always liquid eye liner on upper lid (I like the line to be sharp, so pencils aren't the best option). And I don't usually use black kohl on waterline 'cause it can look a bit harsh and make my eyes look even smaller. But I do like to use inliner when going out.  
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