Sunday, December 4, 2011

Tropical Absinthe

"Oli synkkä ja myrsyinen yö..." Joten sen vastapainoksi jotain värikästä: turkoosia, limeä ja keltaista.

" It was a dark and stormy night..." The weather has been awful around here so I wanted to do something bright and colorful: turquoise, lime green and yellow. 

- primer: UDPP
- eye shadows: Grimas 002 (matte off white), Sugarpill 'Buttercupcake' (yellow), Inglot DS447 (bright lime green), DS504 (bright green teal) & M338 (dark teal)
- eye liner: H&M Liquid Eye Liner pen
- mascara: Maybelline Lash Styletto

- foundation: Missha BB Cream 21
- powder: e.l.f. HD powder
- blush: L'Oreal 'Pink Grapefruit'
- lips: Morgana Cryptoria 'Absinthe'

Morgana Cryptoria: Absinthe lipstick <3


  1. Great colour combination! Absinthe is one of my favourites from MC.

  2. I really like these colors + the shadows blend so well together. I regret not buying the full sized Absinthe from MC 'cause now they've changed the color a bit (it's greener now).


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