Sunday, October 30, 2011

Halloween continued: More pictures and Brains

Tässä muutama kuva varsinaisista juhlista. Kuvissa seikkailee myös avopuolisoni, jolle tehtiin pari holkkia päähän. (Luodinreikä koki vähän kovia ja meinasi tipahtaa kesken illan...)
Few more pictured from our Halloween party. My fiancé is the one with head wounds. ;) (Bullet hole almost fell off during the night, which was kinda hilarious.)

Yours truly. :)
Corset is made by me and the shirt is from H&M.

One happy couple.


And speaking of brains I baked Red Velvet Brain Cupcakes (although these brains look more like worms), which were delicious. 

Mitenkäs muiden bileet menivät?
How was your parties?


  1. Kiitos. :) (tässä tapauksessa tuo on oikein hieno kohteliaisuus)

  2. Great job on those cupcakes! You and your fiance are way too cute together!


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