Monday, October 3, 2011

Black & Purple Photoshoot at Old Ruins

Vihdoin jotain kivaa näytettävää! :) Eli viimeisimpien kuvausten satoa. Tätä varten harjoittelin silloin aiemmin tätä hieman överiä violettia meikkiä.
Finally something exciting to show you! :) Pictures from the latest photoshoot, that is. This was why I tried this overly dramatic purple look a bit earlier.

(Kaikki kuvat saa klikattua isommaksi./You can click all the pictures bigger.)

photo by Markus Lehto 

  photo by Markus Lehto 

photo by Markus Lehto   

Nämä olivat omat suosikkini. Loput löytyvät täältä. Kuten varmaan huomaatte, niin vahvakin meikki näyttää kuvissa aika kesyltä (ainakin omassa tapauksessani). Raunioilla oli mukavaa, vaikka tuuli heittelikin jatkuvasti hiuksia naaman eteen. Vaatteista hame ja korsetti ovat omaa käsialaa. (Paita H&M ja pitsihanskat Seppälä.)
These are my personal favorites. Rest can be found here. As you can see a strong make up kinda disappears in the photos (this always happens to me). It was quite fun to take the photos at the old ruins, although wind was quite harsh and kept blowing my hair all over my face. Skirt and corset are made by me (shirt is from H&M and the lace gloves from Seppälä). 


  1. Gorgeous pictures! I think they turned out really well!

  2. Beautiful photos, I LOVE your outfit! With the skirt you're like a dark mermaid :)

  3. Vulcan_Butterfly:
    I'm so pleased with these pictures, too. I haven't done this in a while, so I was a bit worried. But I've taken so many photos with Markus that it's very easy to trust his vision. :)

    Oh, thank you!! <3 I love the shape of that skirt and I actually have made that model using pinstripe, black, red and this purple. ;) I like to think it makes me look a bit taller (I'm quite short: 1.60m or 5'3inches).


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