Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Dark Rainbow with Inglot

Olen mielestäni tehnyt viime aikoina aika "turvallisia" meikkejä värien suhteen, joten halusin kokeilla jotain vähän värikkäämpää. Sateenkaarimeikit on aina kivoja. :) (Huom! Olen lomalla tällä viikolla, joten blogi toimii vähän hitaammin.)
I feel that my eye make looks have been quite "safe" lately, so I wanted to try something more colorful. Rainbow make up is always fun. :) (Note: I'm on vacation this week, so updating is a bit slower.)

- primer: UDPP
- eye shadows: Inglot: M351 (light ivory), M343 (bright chartreuse), DS.447 (lime green), DS.504 (bright bluish green), Sugarpill: Poison Plum
- eye liner: Rimmel Exaggerate
- mascara: L'Oreal Million Lashes, wp

This is the make up before. Funny how the chartreuse looks just yellow here. I felt it needed something more and added green and turquoise.  


  1. SO PRETTY. I definitely need to copy this :)

  2. Thank you! And, yes please, I want to see your version of this. :) I really like multicolored/rainbow eye makeup. I should do these more often.

  3. Great colour combination! I enjoy how it's like a rainbow without the red!

  4. Thanks. :) I want to try other, not-that-traditional combinations for rainbow eye makeup. These are so much fun to make. :)


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