Saturday, September 3, 2011

MAC Me over - Lipsticks: Runaway Red & Smoked Purple

MAC julkaisi 1.9. jälleen uuden kokoelman nimeltään 'Mac Me Over', joka on kooltaan melko valtava. Sävymaailma on vaaleiden neutraalien ja dramaattisten tummien välillä. Itseäni tietysti miellyttää nuo tummat sävyt. Mukaan lähti kaksi huulipunaa: Runaway Red ja pienen mietinnän jälkeen Smoked Purple.
MAC has released a huge fall collection 'Mac Me Over'. The shades range from light neutrals to dark, vampy colors. I'm loving the deep autumn shades. I bought two lipsticks: Runaway Red and Smoked Purple.

Runaway Red (LE) & Smoked Purple (permanent at PRO stores)
Swatches: Runaway Red & Smoked Purple
This pictures doesn't do any justice for this lipstick. 'Runaway Red' is satin lipstick and it's one of the most beautiful reds I've worn. <3 It glides on easily, is opaque and shouldn't feather if I use a lipliner. This one looks so much darker in the tube than on lips. 

Once again, not a good picture. :/ Here's 'Smoked Purple', which is matte lipstick. I wanted a a bit muddy looking purple based lipstick for this fall. Something really vampy. This doesn't feel dry, but is a bit hard to apply evenly on the lips.

 And here's Smoked Purple with Lancome's Color Fever Gloss in 'Piha Black' . Works really nicely.

Yhden huulipunan haluaisin vielä tästä kokoelmasta, jos olisi varaa: 'Oh, Oh, Oh' (on taas nimi...). Se näyttää tuubissa rusehtavan pronssiselta, mutta levitettynä se on läpikuultava luumuisen pinkki kultaisella hohteella. Olisi ihan täydellinen arkipuna.
I'd like to buy one more lipstick from this collection, if I could afford it: 'Oh, Oh, Oh' (I don't always get the names). It looks weird on the tube, brownish/coppery color, but when applied it's semi-opaque, pinkish plum with golden sheen. So pretty and perfect for every day use.  


  1. These are just gorgeous. I was going to skip this collection but I might have to go get these tomorrow!

  2. I wasn't really interested in the other parts of this collection, but these lipsticks are just gorgeous.


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